IN this Week | October 6th 2014

The trees are quickly changing here in the Midwest it is that time of year for wineries, hot cocoa and fireplace gazing. The PERFECT setting for a romantic evening for the proposal or the wedding of your dreams. Fall time provides the most spectacular setting for pictures and decor and just might be the perfect time of year for well everything! Here is this weeks color inspiration paired with production and shipping photographs of our printed personalized place cards and table cards.  



Aged Tones by Design Seed

Elegant marines and complementary orange color palette for our Weekly Color Inspiration.


Sideways Chevron Place Cards
Flded Place Cards on ecru paper with orange Sideways Chevron design.  


Madison Place Cards
Charcoal Grey Madison on white tented place cards.


Triple Line Border Orange & Yellow Place Cards
**Color Coded for Menu Choices** 

Triple line border color coded menu choice place cards.  


Queen Anns Lace Complete Set 
Including Place Card Table No. Labels 

Victorian Lace Complete Set including, placecards, tablecards, table name labels for place cards.


Marine Swirls Place Cards
Classic swirls place card on folded classic white paper in marine ink.